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Specialised Services

In addition to our general Luxury Concierge  services, previous Celebrity VIP Travel services have for  example also included:

  • Attention  to personal preferences  - through attentive, personal  dedication
  • Total  discretion  - ensured through use of highly  professional & trusted people
  • Fans, press &  photographer control - through both movement &  access management
  • Jet,  Yacht & Car movement optimization - through  careful planning & contingency  preparation
  • Anonymous  bookings & payments (hotels, restaurants, clubs etc.) - minimizing warning & tracing - in addition to the added  comfort of just focusing on your enjoyment & not having  to deal with all payments
  • Private  Jet special permits - to enable departures where not  open to general public
  • Private  Jet VIP airport transfers - be met by aircraft door  & escorted straight to jet through airport and immigration,  while your checked luggage is picked up and brought for  you
  • Yacht Crew Language  Skills - source & instruct additional  yacht crew with specific language skills
  • Preferred  access to Super Car rentals - through our  pre-negotiated VIP agreements
  • VIP  Event accesspre-arranged access to VIP  By-Invitation-Only events, (for example: special top brand fashion  shows in collaboration with luxury sports car company,  etc.)
  • Restaurants Selection - access to best gourmet  experiences while also considering entry, exit &  privacy
  • Night  & Beach Clubs - pre-arranged entry, VIP area  access, special attention & alternative  exits
  • VIP  Shopping - pre-negotiated out-of-hours shopping at  different brand name boutiques
  • Personal  protectionfor you and your family, as  required
  • Guest,  friend & family service - manage access &  extend VIP servicesto all  guests
  • Hollywood  fitness guru - personal services available through  pre-negotiated access
  • Seamless collaboration  & integration with own support staff extending  our professional & courteous service approach - both with  celebrity's own staff & the staff of other celebrities they  visited

Platinum EME is a registered company in the UK